What Works: The difference between subject and story

For your weekly What Works assignment — which should be emailed to me (using JOUR 271 somewhere in the subject line) before class time each Tuesday — select a news feature or story in the medium of your choice (print, online, TV, radio, multimedia) and answer, in writing, the following questions.

Include the story’s headline and link at the top of your assignment:

EXAMPLE:The Improbable Rise of the Mississippi Roast

Would you click on this headline? Is it SEO-friendly? Why or why not? –

What kind of leads are in use here? – i.e., Hard news lead (more direct), a Delayed Lead (soft lead, often used in longer features), a Narrative Lead (focuses in detail on one small aspect of larger story). What devices does the writer/producer use to pull you into the story?

What is the “nutgraph” – the paragraph that tells you what the core of the story is? –

What is the STORY?

How many different sources were used/ interviewed for each story? — Who and what are they? (officials, census reports, victims, bystanders)

Which multimedia elements here are most effective in helping to tell each story? Select an alternate method of “adding value” to each story and explain your choice.



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