Class notes for Tuesday, Feb. 2


It is your responsibility to keep up with the class blog and the assignments as posted.

Week 1:  Introductions and Refresher: Who are we? What is this class? What is “news”?

In-class: Demo Google News Alerts, Twitter Lists, Twitter accounts

Readings for Thursday:

  • Carole Rich, Chapter 1 – Changing Concepts of News
  • Carole, Rich, Chapter 3 – The Basic News Story
  • Carole, Rich, Chapter 7 – Interviewing Techniques

Writings for Thursday: 

You should turn in a written Beat Memo, including two story ideas, before class time on Thursday. This is your pitch to me to persuade me why I should let you cover the subject area of your choice. Make it count.

Examples include: Health, Tech, Race and Religion, Money/Economics, Lifestyles, Arts and Entertainment, Sports, News, International News, Politics, Crime, Education, etc.

You will create a News Twitter List and signed up for Google Alerts for the purposes of this class. We will review some of your lists and online search methods in class on Thursday.

Coming up next week: 

You will turn in your first WHAT WORKS assignment to me via email next Tuesday, Feb. 2. These will be weekly assignments, due each Tuesday, and subsequently should be posted to your WordPress blog (to be set up in class during Week Two).



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