Shooting photo and video sequences

From the Mulin blog:

In class exercise: Choose one of your past beat stories and create a SHOT LIST


Assignment due Thursday:

Produce a FIVE-SHOT MINIMUM photo or video sequence

This can be on a subject of your choice, but the sequence should TELL A STORY!

You can publish the sequence on the platform of your choice – your WordPress blog, on, on Storify if you prefer – but your sequence should have the following:


2. A CAPTION giving context to what the viewer is looking at, as well as any identifying names, titles, locations.


(for stills):

  • the scene setter
  • the medium shot
  • the portrait shot
  • the detail shot
  • a shot capturing action

(for video):

  • A closeup on the hands of a subject – showing WHAT is happening
  • A closeup on the face – WHO is doing it
  • A wide shot – WHERE it is happening
  • An over the shoulder shot (OTS) – HOW it is being done (note that OTS is not listed as one of the five types, but it is in the original NPR story)
  • An unusual, or side/low shot – providing other details (note that this is not one of the five types either, but again it is seen in the NPR story in the form of closeup shots showing relevant details)


Also due Thursday: Bring in your story pitch for your next beat story.
**Please note: This assignment will also require a photo or video sequence…you may want to think about stories that will lend themselves well to images.**



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