What Works assignment for Tuesday, March 29

For your next WHAT WORKS assignment (to be posted on your blog by Thursday), you are to choose ONE of the following profile features and read the story IN ITS ENTIRETY, and explain what, specifically, made the story work overall for you. You may have some critiques of the story, but choose a story you like!

Federer as Religious Experience, New York Times

Lucinda Williams’ Love Affair with loss, The New Yorker

King of the Ferret Leggers, Outside Magazine

Gone Girl:The resilience of Elizabeth Smart

Frank Sinatra Has a Cold: by Gay Talese in Esquire

Brother from Another Mother: Key & Peele, by Zadie Smith

You Belong With Me: Taylor Swift, by  Lizzie Widdicombe

Back in the Day: Michael Jackson, by John Jeremiah Sullivan

A cancer surgeon challenges the status quo: by Katie Hafner

The Game Master: Will Wright, by John Seabrook

Also – Suggested additional reading: Some good advice on Profile Writing from the NYTImes here.

Others can be found here: http://www.niemanstoryboard.org/2013/04/04/7-great-reads-this-years-asme-finalists-in-featureprofile-writing/


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