Class notes, Thursday March 24

Meeting story notes:

Donald Trump hosts rally in Mississippi – Strong story. Very pro-Trump – is this what you intended? What numbers might you have added to give your story a stronger “backbone”? What did you leave out, and why?


Great “big picture” lead!

The Courthouse Square Preservation Commission decided that a future restaurant coming to The Square would have to find an alternative way to advertise business information during their Monday afternoon meeting.

Good “explainer” graph:

March marks the beginning of The University of Mississippi’s planning phase of an event that will host up to 1,000 guests next January for an event known as a TEDx Talk.

TED, which has been around since 1984 brings intellectuals together in one venue to share their ideas with audience members that can number in the millions worldwide. While not everyone can host a TED Talk, independent organizers can orchestrate similar events called TEDx Talks.

Good first quote:

“We wanted the chance to bring our ideas that are produced here on this campus and that are by our friends and alumni to bring them to the world,” says Dr. Marvin King co-founder of the TedX organization at the University of Mississippi.

Great set-up and quote: 

Akers main concern for extending longer service of the OUT system is that people would not actually be riding the buses.

“The worst PR that could happen to transit is that you have buses that no one is on,” Akers said.

TedX, Parking commission, Transit:



DON’T GET CAUGHT UP IN “INSIDE BASEBALL”  [Carol Robinson presided over the meeting and called it to order at 2:04 pm. After the minutes from the previous two meetings were voted upon, and each board member gave a brief report from their respective divisions, Transit Commission Board member, Jean Robinson who attended the ASB forum voiced some of the student’s concerns…]



Shooting photo/video sequences:

In class: Choose a classmate’s photo sequence to review. You will be asked to tell the story based on what you see, of a story other than your own.




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