Profile writing: The interview

Good interviewing for a profile feature should be a conversation- not an interrogation.

  • Have your list of questions prepared
  • Ask specific questions about their *process* as much as about the biographical details of their life – those are things you can probably learn ahead of time through research
  • Listen to the answers – connect these answers to your next question
  • Include information about what you already know in your questions
  • Don’t be afraid to rephrase or revisit a question
  • Don’t be afraid to share what you know/think – it’s part of the give and take of a good interview

Charlie Rose

Marissa Meyer:   7:27   42:25

Cast of Hamilton:

David Gregory:  9:12 , 14:37


Fresh Air with Terry Gross  4:37, 8:36, 24:50, 27, 32:50


Profile stories due Thursday, April 14

  • You MUST record your interview and upload to Soundcloud
  • Choose your best “soundbite” to include in your story, and add a still photo.



Demo photo captioning in WordPress (Kyra, Eddie)


Final story pitches due TUESDAY, April 12


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