Final project pitches

The assignment for the final project is as follows:

You are expected to produce a multi-source, multimedia news feature from your beat

Your story will:

–be at least 1,000 – 1,200 words

–have at least four ‘expert’ sources

–contain numbers, stats or data points that put the subject/issue into context

–have at least two different additional media elements aside from the text: possible elements may include photos, slideshows, audio clips, video clips, infographics (graphs or charts), a Storify sidebar of social media, timelines, etc.

–include all pertinent links to relevant data/ other news stories.

–have a well-written, SEO headline and deck that sells your story to the reader.

Your final projects will be discussed during class on May 3 and May 5.

By this time you be able to provide a brief summary of the story, plus an explanation of what other elements you chose to include and why. It will NOT be a straight reading of your text story.

You will have the opportunity to make changes to any part of your project before the final version must be posted to your blogs by the assigned exam period: THURSDAY, MAY 12 at NOON.

You are expected to post a written pitch for your story idea by next Tuesday. You will be permitted to make revisions/additions, but you must come to class prepared with at least one solid story idea that you’re prepared to pitch verbally. We’ll discuss these in class on Tuesday.

The story will be graded according to this multimedia story rubric – with a primary emphasis on the reporting and writing.

Available tools: 





Possible multimedia features: 

Photos, photo sequence
Audio + Video


Past successes:

Not your average study group


Gay Pride on Rebel Drive


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