Class notes, April 21

Paraphrasing quotes:


“Madisen Theobald was a student in the Visual Creative Thinking and Digital Publishing classes. I found Maddie to be a very conscientious student. She was a very hard worker. Maddie shows a great design sense and a great enthusiasm for the design process. She also works well with her peers,” Darren Sanefski said. “She moved up the ranks from Board Member to President of our Society for News Design student organization, OLE MISS SND. During those three years she was extremely organized and had a great vision for organization. Maddie is one of the most motivated students I’ve ever known in my higher education career. I believe that she would bring that motivation to anything she does.”


Darren Sanefski, professor of design at Ole Miss and advisor to OLE MISS Society of News Design, says Theobald was the most motivated student he’d ever known.”Maddie shows a great design sense and a great enthusiasm for the design process,” he said, crediting her vision and leadership for the success of the SND.

***Good example here: 

Over the years Wilson has learned many valuable lessons from working with the public but perhaps the most useful was the realization that “you can’t please everyone.” In regards to retail, Wilson had to constantly be up to date on the latest fashions. Wilson said, “You always try to be ahead of the game, but a lot of things you see in the magazines or on the runway will never make it to Mississippi.”

and here:

When asked his favorite type of music he says “I like a lot of  jazz,” but quickly adds alternative, indie, classic and country to the list of favorites.

“I go to concerts when I can,” he says modestly, before mentioning a recent trip to see Bruce Springsteen play at Madison Square Garden.

****Let your “main character” have the last word!!***

The geological engineering department will be losing Cathy Grace next spring as she gears up for her retirement.  After 22 years working for the university, Grace is planning to take a few cross-country road trips to Vancouver, British Columbia and Maine. and sleeping on former students’ couches along the way.

“[Maine] is fascinating geologically,” she says. “Fortunately I’ve got friends and former students in all of those places, so I’ve been warning them – get the guest rooms laid out. Or the couch. Or I’ll take a tent and a sleeping bag.”


Good example here: 

“I like to stay busy,” he says. “The common thread in all of this is vision, whether its my art or my music, or the narrative I’ve got running through my head. It’s important to see the world, really see it, you know?”



Smith, who is minoring in Italian, believes that Cappozzo’s rich Italian culture is an added benefit to his courses.

“It’s not just about learning the basics of grammar. It’s also about the culture and the people and their history, so having a teacher who has lived there and been there gives us a first-hand account,” Smith said.


Profiles shouldn’t be rehashed resumes – doesn’t have to be in chronological or reverse chronological order! It’s ok to open with, “Tell me about your typical day”


Leave out the inside baseball!!!!

While conducting the interview with Ken in his office at the Indoor Practice Facility (IPF), I asked him about what was the most important part of his job, his simple response was “just making sure everyone has everything”.

Make sure each graph is a single idea:

After falling just short of the NFL, Evan came back to Oxford, the town that gave him four extraordinary years of his life to begin his next chapter, adulthood. A big issue many college athletes face is a transition period from sporting life to the normality of the average citizen walking the streets. Many struggle with the hard realities of not having a structured lifestyle are feeling that they aren’t needed. For Evan his adjust period was short, something he applauds his personality for. His friends say otherwise. Seth Palcic a former student at Ole Miss met Evan over two years ago during summer session at the University.


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Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Planning for Multimedia:

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