Class notes, Thursday April 28

Reminder that we’ll be workshopping your final stories in class today – please bring any info and/or multimedia works in progress that you may need to move forward on these.

Below is the presentation schedule for next week, selected at random.

**You are expected to be in class on BOTH days, regardless of when you’re presenting:

Tuesday, May 3:

  1. Miller, Joliasa Jana
  2. Caruso, Isabella Grace
  3. Murphy, Edward Thomas
  4. Hathorne, Elizabeth Laurel
  5. Rosenthal, Amy Catherine
  6. Scaife, Trenton Pope
  7. Neely, Alexis Nicole
  8. Frisbie, Darby Ann
  9. Davis, Andrew Hilton

Thursday, May 5

  1. Kyra Henderson
  2. Harper, Annie St. Claire
  3. Glass, Hannah Margaret
  4. Muoio, Brooke Alexandra
  5. Franklin, Andrew Mark
  6. Lyles, Logan Allen
  7. Stringfellow, Damore’ea
  8. Usry, Samantha Annette





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