Week One: Getting started

First of all, I am very sorry that I had to miss our very first class — it’s not you, I promise!

I am looking forward to meeting each of you in person on Thursday.

In the meantime, your first WHAT WORKS assignment is as follows:

Some of you may already be familiar with Fresh Air’s Terry Gross, who many consider to be one of the top interviewers in journalism. If you’re not familiar, you will be soon.

First, read this interview with Gross about how to ace an interview:

Second, go to the Fresh Air podcast/show archive page here, and choose any one of her hundreds of interviews to listen to in its entirety:


Third: Choose which of her questions you think yielded the best answer from the subject — write it down, and be prepared to discuss why you think it worked.

Future assignments will be posted to your WordPress class blogs, but for this first assignment you may email me at cjoyce@olemiss.edu

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