Notes on interviewing/ Q&A assignment

Good interviewing should be a conversation- not an interrogation.

  • Have your list of questions prepared ahead of time. Spend time considering how you will phrase your questions, and in what order you will ask them.
  • Ask specific questions about your subject’s *process* — not about the biographical details of their life, as those are things you can probably learn ahead of time through research. You can include those known details in the intro.
  • Listen to the answers – connect these answers to your next question
  • Include information about what you already know in your questions
  • Don’t be afraid to rephrase or revisit a question
  • Don’t be afraid to share what you know/think – it’s part of the give and take of a good interview

Some examples below:

TIME Magazine: Abortion Provider Dr. Willie Parker Talks About His Deep Christian Faith

The doctor who discovered lead in Flint, MI

Sharon Van Etten is Too Shy to Call Herself a New Yorker

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