Class notes Feb 14

This class is about learning — often during class, we will workshop certain aspects of your reporting and writing. This means I will call out examples of successes and challenges — please do not take this personally, this is all part of the process.

Today we will be conducting PEER REVIEWS using the guidelines I’ll pass out during class.
You’re expected to take careful notes on these sheets.


Working with numbers

Statistics and hard numbers are the backbone of every news story. Sometimes, a single data point is the starting place for a great story. (See: “Deep South” film)

On every story, ask yourself: Did I include relevant figures? Could I have strengthened your story with more statistical data? What would be a good source for those statistics?
Pew Research,
Institutes of Higher Learning — IHL: Student enrollment by county
Office of Institutional Research
Chronicle of Higher Ed -Data

For Tuesday’s WHAT WORKS assignment, everyone should read the following story, and pay particular attention to the use of numbers throughout:

12 months, nearly 1,200 deaths: the year in youth gun violence since Parkland

Please also pitch, in writing on a separate post, ONE STATISTIC-DRIVEN story idea.



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