Assignments for Thursday, Feb. 21

Before class time on Thursday, please complete the following:

  1. READ QUOTATIONS section from textbook: Pages 50 – 55 (69 to 74 in PDF)
    Be prepared for short quiz during class on Thursday
  2. WRITE your statistics-based story pitch on your class blog — you may use any official numbers/data as a starting point – but here are some possible sources, Pew Research,, , Institutes of Higher Learning — IHL: Student enrollment by county, Office of Institutional Research, Chronicleof Higher Ed -Data

Example: Based off the new PEW report on post-Millennial Life, you might pitch a story localizing numbers showing that post-Millennials are on track to be the most diverse, best-educated generation yet. How many students at Ole Miss identify as mixed race? How many pursue graduate degrees? Showing where these trends align or don’t align nationally would make for a good story.

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