Feb. 21: Class notes

QUOTES QUIZ and review



Reasons for focusing on numbers:

—Backbone of a good story
—Source of story ideas
— Different data can provide more than one story angle: Ex. comic store
(brick and morter retail numbers/overall sales numbers)

Learning how to drill down into numbers:

Search public records:
MS Critterz report 
Animal Control Report
How many of you, in your written pitch, included an actual number? How many of you are certain that number is available? ADD IT NOW!

Some good “numbers story” examples:

Average Life Expectancy in the US – USA Today

Hotel inspections lead to closings – Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Majority of American teens have experienced cyberbullying, study shows

Survey says majority of American teens have experienced cyberbullying

Examples of where stories you wrote could be strengthened by numbers:
Little shop of hobbies

NUMBER STORY due next Thursday —
500 word minimum, at least two data sources, three direct sources

Make sure that you’re using the best available data source!
Ex: Unemployment story pitch
Reading assignments for next week: (You get a BYE on WHAT WORKS)

By Tuesday:
Chap 3: Basic News Story: p. 35-49 (54-68)
Chap 5: Curiosity and Story Ideas: p. 71-81 (90 –
By Thursday: Sources. P 87-105

Favorite headline of the week: 

Oxford entrepreneur hopes to change lives with CBD

Favorite lead: 

In October 2018 Kent Eddy and Drew Glasgow took a leap. Two men of two generations with two different reasons opened a comic book shop.

Favorite quotes:

….an eyewitness to the rush [of students] could only muster one description: “Running of the bulls.”


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