Class notes: March 5

WordPress review:

Posts or Pages>>Categories>>Menu items

Numbers stories review:

AP style for numbers:

AP Style/Numbers: Don’t start sentence with numerals, spell out “percent”, 1960s not 1960’s.


What Works: Focus on SOURCES

Ideally, your reporting will yield much more information than you can directly include in a story. How do you make decisions about what to include, and what to leave out?


Who is first person to “speak” in the story (the first person quoted?)  What does that choice reflect?

What do they say? Without looking at the story – how much of their story is in direct quotations vs. how much is paraphrased?

Who are the other sources?

Who is NOT directly included in the story?

What specific references are made to place this story in a broader/national and international context?

What purpose do those examples serve?

**Great use of links throughout**


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