Assignment for 3.7.19: Twitter sources, Sourcing Chapter

Before class time on Thursday, you should follow the outcome of  today’s ASB vote on a resolution to relocate the Confederate statue, currently on The Circle. More background on that story here and here.

Using Twitter search tools, locate a viable, credible “person on the street” source based on their comments. (no ASB or university-affiliated accounts – we are seeking perspectives from the public here, not identifying official sources )

Post a link to the person’s tweet to your blog, and answer the following:

  • What search terms did you use to find them?
  • What parameters did you set to find them?
  • What indicators tell you that this is someone worth listening to?



Please review the assigned readings on CURIOSITY and SOURCING  from the textbook:

Curiosity and Story Ideas: p. 71-81
Sources. P 87-105



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