Class notes: 3.7.19

Mar 7 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Visiting Documentarians Series, Scene on Radio Producer and Host John Biewen: Thirty Years of Storytelling @ Tupelo Room, Barnard Observatory


Social media for sourcing:
Twitter is just one tool — but an important one for listening in on the conversation.
(BUT: Twitter is not a person – it is a platform)

Twitter sourcing results – Who are they? Why are they relevant to the story? What indicators lead you to believe they are credible?

Curiosity and Sourcing readings/quizzes

Select a strong “soundbite” from the interview to quote directly, and write the set-up paragraph that paraphrases the comments leading up to it.

‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Producer Dream Hampton Takes On Ecosystem That Supported The Star


Spring Break reading: Chap 9 and 10: Story Organization and Story Forms

WHAT WORKS assignment- From RECODE.COM:
Facebook wants to feature more local news, but can’t find it

Story #3 pitch due THURSDAY, March 21 – due TUESDAY, March 26


Struggling with writing mechanics? Consider installing grammarly.

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