Class notes: Tuesday, March 26

News feature #3: How many of your stories turned out differently from what you pitched? Why?

Post a link to your story on your class blog — remember to use a URL shortener like

Posting to Medium: Any issues?  Images should be easier to manipulate

A few other key features of Medium:
–Privacy settings
–tiling images
–ad free platform, targeted audience (compare Robert Mueller story native to the Atlantic, and on Medium)
–easy to embed other features from third-party sites, such as



–Same exact tool that major media outlets use – for free! Washington Post, Key Moments in the Russia Investigation
–Publish once, use over and over again: Ole Miss/NCAA investigation

— Takes more time/planning than writing a text story – the process can be a little clunky
–Some of the content you import may “drift” or be lost



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