Class notes: April 16

ETHICS: p. 326 in Carole Rich textbook

The Poynter Institute Model

Robert M. Steele, The Poynter Institute’s expert in ethical issues, suggests that journalists ask these questions before making decisions in ethical dilemmas:

Why am I concerned about this story, photo or graphic?

What is the news? What good would publication do?

Is the information complete and accurate, to the best of my knowledge?

Am I missing an important point of view?

What does my reader need to know?

How would I feel if the story or photo were about me or a member of my family?

What are the likely consequences of publication? What good or harm could result?

What are my alternatives?

Will I be able to clearly and honestly explain my decision to anyone who challenges it?


Was the NYTimes right to publish an anonymous Op-Ed about resistance from within the Trump administration?

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