Live-Tweeting the ACT Conference


In lieu of class on Thursday, you’re required to attend and “live tweet” an ACT Conference session of your choice – a live tweet will verify your attendance.
(Note: Breakfast and Lunch sessions don’t count)


The full agenda is here.

Hashtag: #MICACT9

You are welcome to attend any and all sessions of the conference –
students may attend for free.

Please make sure to be at the Overby Center PRIOR to the
session start time.

If you’re just starting out on Twitter, read this guide:

You are expected to “live tweet” the session that you attend. You would
be wise to read up on your session speakers ahead of time. If they have Twitter handles, tag them – if they don’t, tag their organization.

It would also be wise to announce to your regular followers that you are
covering this event, so they can expect to see a flurry of Twitter
activity around it. (Alternately, you may create a Twitter account just
for the purposes of this exercise.)

Please make sure to set your account to PUBLIC during and
immediately following this event so that I can see your contributions.

Please review the below tips for effective live-

1.Know what you’re covering! Accuracy trumps speed!
All of the same rules of reporting and writing apply to social media as
they do to any kind of publishing: Tweets must be factual, accurate
and grammatical. If you are quoting your sources directly, use quote
marks and be sure to tag them so that they have the opportunity to

Spend some time getting familiar with the speakers – look them up on
Twitter (I have provided the relevant Twitter handles above), see who
they follow and what their interests are, and be prepared to tag them
in your comments using their Twitter handles when it makes sense to.

Pro Tip: GET a PROGRAM and make sure you’re spelling names/titles correctly!

2. Use the relevant hashtags and tags:
Make sure that you’re part of the conversation — you should use
any official conference hashtags in every tweet. You may want to use other hashtags
as well, and you will DEFINITELY want to tag the source when you’re
quoting them directly — but always include the conference hashtag.

3. Engage with other users
Live tweeting is a great opportunity to connect with others who are
interested in and talking about similar topics. Favorite and RT
intelligent tweets, follow them, or start conversations with them.

4. Make sure your coverage is adding value
Let your followers know you are live tweeting an event – include the
who, what, when, where and why. Tweet pivotal moments with
quotes and descriptions, not just flat updates. Share videos and
photos that will help others to follow the event remotely.

5. Make sure to provide context.
Don’t rely on earlier tweets to explain who you’re quoting or what
you’re talking about – make sure that you tag your sources every time
if you’re quoting them, directly or indirectly.

No What Works assignment due.
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