Class notes: April 30

Live Tweeting Review: #micact2019

Final exam review:

Choose the best headline based on SEO practices (Review on Tuesday)

–Which is best source for data about specific subject?

Interviews & Quotes:
Ex: Paraphrase the below to set up for the best direct quote

Punctuation and Grammar:
Ex: Choose the sentence that is punctuated correctly.

a Martin Luther King Jr. is famous for his speech, “I have a dream.”
b Martin Luther King Jr. is famous for his speech, “I have a dream”.

a The organization will be electing it’s new president soon.
b The organization will be electing its new president soon.

Photos and Interactive elements:
What are some of the different shots that make up a photo (or video) sequence?
Which tool might you use to add value to a story about _______?

True/False/Multiple choice
When adding a link to a blog post or any online text, it’s best to leave the URL visible rather than hyperlink it from any keywords/anchor text. True or False

Writing exercise: 

You’ll be assigned to write a short news story based on the “reporter’s notes” provided. There will not be one correct way to complete this exercise, but you’ll want to make sure to include the following:

  • A strong, active headline using important SEO-friendly keywords
  • A strong, straightforward lead
  • Separate paragraphs of 2-3 sentences for each new idea or quote
  • Clearly and accurately paraphrased information from sources
  • Direct (and properly punctuated!) quotes from sources

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