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Cynthia Joyce has been a writer, editor, and web producer for more than 20 years and has contributed to several regional and national publications, including The Washington Post, Newsday, NPR.org, Entertainment Weekly, and MSNBC.com, where she was a senior producer from 2007-2011; Nola.com, where she worked briefly as a producer post-Katrina; and Salon, where she was arts and entertainment editor from 1995-2000.

She is the editor of the anthology “Please Forward: How blogging reconnected New Orleans after Katrina” (UNO Press, 2015).

She received her BA from Duke University in 1991, and her Masters of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University in 1993.  She joined the Ole Miss faculty in 2011.



Travel nannies allow rocker moms to tour

N.O Better Blues

Race to Nowhere targets academic pressures

Louisiana Struggles to Repair Oil-Stained Image

Return to Philadelphia, Mississippi

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